Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Post Presidential Election - 2008

Now the real work begins. We've seen how candidates of the past are quite different than their campaigning personna. It will be important for Obama to hit the ground running with a powerful, smart team and a 90 day action plan. Any amount of floundering will let the Democratic congress run over him and drive the agenda for the next 4 years.

Regardless, I expect that Obama is going to incur the most scrutinized, difficult Presidencies in American history. We will see how thick his skin is... expectations set in electing him have put him on such a high pedestal that it will be difficult for him to avoid falling. In addition, I think the elections revealed a deepening polarization of America (as seen in the varying . This, all in addition to the domestic and international issues that would be a challenge for anyone occupying the Office next!

It is going to be an interesting time ahead... the next 6 months will set the course for the next 4 years. The whole world is optimistic.



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